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Learn About the Local Candidates!


In November, three important races will be on the ballot for Larimer County voters:  two County Commissioner seats and District Attorney for the 8th Judicial District.  Currently, all three seats are held by Republicans who will be fighting hard to hold on to their control of the County.  Why?  Because they know that local elections are critical to the conservative agenda.


Why are local elections so important?  Three reasons:

  1. Politics are local and the County Commissioners make decisions that impact our everyday lives - think about oil and gas drilling locations, water use, land development, school boards, gravel pits, etc.
  2. Local elected officials often move onto state and national offices, so folks elected to local seats are getting into the pipeline early.
  3. Aligned priorities up and down the ballot translate into actionable legislation at all levels without political gridlock.

So get to know the local Larimer County Democratic candidates and make sure your friends and family know them as well!


Senator Michael Bennet: 

303) 455-7600; (719) 542-7550; (719) 587-0096; (719) 328-1100; (970) 224-2200; (970) 241-6631; (970) 259-1710; 202-224-5852; 866-455-9866


Senator Cory Gardner:  

(719) 543-1324; (719) 632-6706; 303) 391-5777; (970) 245-9553; (970) 352-5546; (970) 484-3502; (970) 228-7175; (970) 259-4276; (202) 224-5941


Representative Joe Neguse:

(202) 225-2161


Representative Ken Buck

202-225-4676; 720- 639-916; 970-702-2136


Watch the First-Ever Debate between District Attorney Candidates in Larimer and Jackson Counties


The election for Judicial District 8 District Attorney has been contested only twice in the last 50 years. This year marks the third contested election, and the first-ever debate between candidates. Don't miss it!  Join the Zoom meeting Wednesday, August 5th at 6pm. Have a question for the candidates?  Submit it here.