Calls to Action

Tell Senator Gardner you want a fair trial.


Senator McConnell isn't even pretending that he'll hold a fair impeachment trial in the Senate. He's refusing to even consider calling witnesses.

However, as we saw with testimony in the House, having witnesses under oath puts tremendous pressure on them to tell the truth. Witnesses will make it difficult for the Republican senators to cover for President Trump's criminal behavior. If we can get just four Republican senators to vote for witnesses, McConnell will be forced to call them. Let’s let Gardner know we want him to be one of those four senators.  We know it is unlikely that he will break ranks, but his office tallies calls so it is important that he receive more “fair trial” than “no trial” calls.

Call Senator Gardner's office in Fort Collins (970-484-3502) or Washington (202-224-594) and demand that he fulfill his oath and support a fair trial in the senate.

Take the Indivisible Pledge!


IndivisibleNOCO is committed to promoting a positive dialogue around all of the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination.  No matter who wins the primary, we will rally behind the candidate and work as hard as we can to get that candidate elected. Will you take the pledge as well?

Do you have friends and family in "safe" states?


 Do you have friends or family in so-called "safe" states or districts who wonder what influence they can have in this political climate.  We have some ideas!

1) They can donate to help us fund postcards and text banking

2) they can help us write postcards

3) they can help us with our get out the vote text banking efforts. 


If everyone can recruit just one friend or family member to help out, think of how much more we could accomplish!


Senator Michael Bennet: 

303) 455-7600; (719) 542-7550; (719) 587-0096; (719) 328-1100; (970) 224-2200; (970) 241-6631; (970) 259-1710; 202-224-5852; 866-455-9866


Senator Cory Gardner:  

(719) 543-1324; (719) 632-6706; 303) 391-5777; (970) 245-9553; (970) 352-5546; (970) 484-3502; (970) 228-7175; (970) 259-4276; (202) 224-5941


Representative Joe Neguse:

(202) 225-2161


Representative Ken Buck

202-225-4676; 720- 639-916; 970-702-2136