Calls to Action - Week of 5/6/19

CTAs in Colorado

Not sure who is your state representative or state senator?  Now is a great time to find out! 

Call your State Senators and Representatives and thank them for a job well done and for making Colorado a better place for their constituents to live and work.  Colorado’s 2019 legislative session ended last Friday and was a great success for the progressive agenda!  The General Assembly passed 400 bills, 95% with bi-partisan support!  Here are some of the highlights:


Passed major climate and environment bills to:

  • Reform oil & gas regulation to include local control and prioritization of human health
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050
  • Help utilities retire carbon plants
  • Expand infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Impose stricter water quality standards

Passed Civil & Human Rights legislation to:

  • Restore the right to vote to Coloradans on parole
  • End gay conversion therapy for minors
  • Temporarily remove guns from at-risk owners
  • eliminate barriers to mental health services for youth
  • Create automatic voter registration
  • Strengthen the Colorado Consumer Protection Act
  • Remove money bail for petty offenses
  • Change drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor

Passed Healthcare legislation to:

  • Enact a reinsurance bill
  • Protect consumers from out-of-network surprise bills
  • Investigate a public health care option
  • Import prescription drugs from Canada

Passed Education legislation to:

  • Create free, full-day kindergarten
  • Ensure all sex-ed classes are comprehensive, and include consent
  • Create and seed college savings accounts with $100 for every Colorado child born
  • Increase rural teacher stipends
  • Mandate civil government education
  • Put on the Nov. 2019 ballot a plan to retain funds for education and infrastructure

Passed Economic Security legislation to:

  • Strengthen protections for renters
  • Penalize employers who don't pay proper wages
  • Take steps toward equal pay and paid family leave

CTAs to National Members of Congress

IndivisibleNOCO read the Mueller report and we believe it is the duty of the House to start IMPEACHMENT hearings.  Donald Trump has committed numerous impeachable offenses, including obstruction of justice, breaking immigration law, and violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution.  Call your Representative, either Neguse or Buck, and tell him you want him to sign H. Res. 257 because it is the constitutional duty of the House of Representatives to initiate the impeachment process.   If Trump’s transgressions are not impeachable, then what is?

Call Rep. Neguse and tell him not to water down H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act. H.R. 6 is scheduled for markup (amended and voted on) in the House Judiciary Committee next week. Even though Democrats have a majority in the Committee, we’re hearing reports that they intend to weaken the bill in order to “inoculate” it from Republican attacks.

Senator Michael Bennet: 

303) 455-7600; (719) 542-7550; (719) 587-0096; (719) 328-1100; (970) 224-2200; (970) 241-6631; (970) 259-1710; 202-224-5852; 866-455-9866


Senator Cory Gardner:  

(719) 543-1324; (719) 632-6706; 303) 391-5777; (970) 245-9553; (970) 352-5546; (970) 484-3502; (970) 228-7175; (970) 259-4276; (202) 224-5941


Representative Joe Neguse:

(202) 225-2161


Representative Ken Buck

202-225-4676; 720- 639-916; 970-702-2136