Calls to Action - Week of 3/25/19

CTAs to State Senators and Representatives

Not sure who is your state representative or state senator?  Now is a great time to find out! 

Colorado SB19-181, "Concerning additional public welfare protections regarding the conduct of oil and gas operations," passed through the House Finance Committee and is now in the House Appropriations Committee this week.  If your representative is on the House Appropriations Committee, please call to voice your support for the bill.  Everyone else - please call your representatives!  This bill is receiving vehement opposition from the oil and gas industry and your representatives need to know that you have their backs.


The bill strengthens local government control over oil and gas activities, requires air quality monitoring at oil and gas sites, and reforms the membership of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to include more members with environmental training and experience, and fewer members from the oil and gas industry.

Colorado HB19-1032 , the Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education (known as the “Sex Ed bill”) is on its way to the Senate floor!  Call your state senators and ask them to fully fund this bill.  You can learn more about the bill from this fact sheet from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood

Colorado HB19-1177 Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) is on the Senate floor.  A vote was expected on Monday, but was delayed due to absent House members.  A lot of attention is on Senate President, Democrat Leroy Garcia of Pueblo.  Senator Garcia has not taken a stance on the bill, which might be understandable since his predecessor was recalled in 2013 after voting in favor of several gun control bills (as was Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs).  Recall efforts over this bill (and the oil and gas bill) are already underway; The NRA is throwing its weight into defeating this very important bill that has the support of law enforcement leadership in Colorado.  Let’s show the NRA that money and threats cannot always stop sensible gun laws.  Call your Senator TODAY and voice support for the bill.

CTAs to National Members of Congress

We have one call to action this week:  Call Senator Gardner and let him know that you want the Mueller report released.   We cannot trust Barr who was hand-picked by Trump for his views on the Mueller investigation.  


And then - FOCUS on the 2020 elections!  Come to our meeting this week on Wednesday to learn about the Indivisible strategy and the role you and IndivisibleNOCO can play in getting a progressive candidate on the ballot.


If you cannot come to the meeting, we would love your input.  Indivisible National has requested input from local Indivisible groups as it develops its strategy for the 202 presidential primaries.  Before we provide the requested information, we want your input.


Can you please help us by taking a few minutes to respond to this survey?  We are responding to Indivisible National on Friday, March 29, so send us your responses by March 28 so we can include your input!

Senator Michael Bennet: 

303) 455-7600; (719) 542-7550; (719) 587-0096; (719) 328-1100; (970) 224-2200; (970) 241-6631; (970) 259-1710; 202-224-5852; 866-455-9866


Senator Cory Gardner:  

(719) 543-1324; (719) 632-6706; 303) 391-5777; (970) 245-9553; (970) 352-5546; (970) 484-3502; (970) 228-7175; (970) 259-4276; (202) 224-5941


Representative Joe Neguse:

(202) 225-2161


Representative Ken Buck

202-225-4676; 720- 639-916; 970-702-2136