Colorado State Senate Races

IndivisibleNOCO Endorsements:

  • District 14:  Joan Ginal
  • District 23:  Sally Boccella

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Colorado Senate District 14

IndivisibleNOCO is thrilled to endorse Senator Joann Ginal to represent Colorado Senate District 14!  Joann Ginal has a voting record that aligns with many of IndivisibleNOCO’s values, but she also believes that she was elected to represent all of her constituents, even ones who have different views than her party. She listens to all her constituents and will take a more moderate position if they demand it. She is dedicated to supporting health care, the environment, seniors, and animal rights. You can find out more about Senator Ginal's accomplishments and voting record on IndivsibleNOCO's Fact Sheet or on her website.

Democratic Candidate: Joan Ginal

Republican Candidate:  Hans Hochheimer

Colorado Senate District 23

We're thrilled to endorse Sally Boccella for Colorado Senate District 23!A first-generation American citizen and a first-generation college graduate from University of Colorado Boulder, Sally is the daughter of an Italian immigrant, U.S. Navy veteran, and Purple Heart recipient. She worked as a substitute teacher in Weld County and as the Colorado Area Marketing Manager for Borders Group, Inc. She has actively served as a community leader on behalf of policies for mental health resources, equitable education, economic opportunities, and environmental conservation at all levels. She prides herself on her ability to reach across the aisle and establish relationships with elected representatives, policy directors, community leaders, businesses, non-profits, and schools. Vote Sally for Colorado!

Democratic Candidate:

Republican Candidate: 


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