"I am honored to receive the endorsement from IndivisibleNOCO. I greatly admire their hard work to implement progressive democratic values while ensuring accountability from candidates and elected officials.  I look forward to working closely with them in the U.S. Senate.”


- Andrew Romanoff

Candidate for US Senate

IndivisibleNOCO is proud and excited to endorse former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Andrew Romanoff for Senator in the June 30 primary election.  Andrew has articulated a clear, bold vision to advance the United States toward being a country that provides opportunity for everyone.  If ever there was a time when the people living in our country needed an advocate to take on corporations and industries that put profits ahead of the well-being of the public, it is now.  Andrew Romanoff is not timid about fighting for progressive ideals. He answers questions directly and provides well-thought-out responses.  He acknowledges his past mistakes.  We appreciate this fresh approach to politics in Colorado.


From his work with the Southern Poverty Law Center to his role as CEO of Mental Health Colorado, Andrew has a history of fighting for the most vulnerable in our community and has shown a commitment to the ideals that bring our Indivisible group together: equality, justice, compassion, and inclusion.


Andrew is not content with returning to business as usual after we deal with the COVID pandemic because that was not working.  He said, “I am not content to watch as more people in the richest nation on earth struggle and suffer and die on account of problems we can fix.”  He has a realistic vision for how to address the vast inequalities we see across America, including the wealth gap between African American and White Families.


 Andrew supports Medicare For All and does not believe that health insurance should be tied to employment.  He is appalled at the “indifference of an industry that bases its profits on its ability to deny as many claims and exclude as many sick people as possible.”  He believes that a slow evolution to guaranteeing health care for everyone is heartless when 43 million people are currently jobless and without health insurance.


Andrew supports the New Green Deal Resolution and believes it is our last chance to rescue life on Earth while restoring the American Dream.  He is not afraid to take on the fossil fuel industry and recently stated unequivocally that he does not support fracking.  He said “too often, the members of Congress who sit on committees are subsidized by the very industries they’re supposed to be regulating.  One of the reasons we took a pledge not to accept fossil fuel money is because we recognize the only way to take action on the climate crisis is to stop the influence that oil and gas and coal companies play in bankrolling Congress and blocking reform.”  He went on to say, “it shouldn't rely of course on the individual initiative of a candidate.  We should have laws in place, policies in place that actually block this influence from taking hold.”


In a recent forum on racial justice, Andrew demonstrated an understanding of the history behind today’s differential treatment of People of Color and White people in our criminal justice system.  He understands that “Black Lives Matter” means that we need to stop the violence perpetrated against black people by those in power.  He also understands how institutionalized racism contributes to the wealth gap, differential employment opportunities and access to health care and education.

Andrew is running a 100% grass roots campaign.  He acknowledges that corporations are not offering him donations: “If you’re an insurance company or drug company or a fossil fuel company, you’ve got other preferences in this race.  You’re not asking to line my pockets and that’s fine.”  He is not beholden to anyone other than his Colorado constituents.


IndivisibleNOCO will support whichever candidate wins the primary but IndivisibleNOCO has been struck by how effectively Andrew’s message addresses the challenges our country faces today.  The next Senate will shape the direction of America’s values and prosperity, as well as the future of the planet.  The status quo has not worked for most people in America.  It is time for a fresh, new vision.  It is time we had a candidate who answers to the people of Colorado.  It is time for a candidate who is not afraid to fight for a bold, progressive vision that provides opportunity for everyone.  It is time for Andrew Romanoff.


Learn more about Andrew Romanoff, including the differences between him and his primary opponent, John Hickenlooper on our 2020 Senate Webpage.   If you agree with our endorsement, consider donating to Andrew Romanoff’s campaign or volunteering for Romanoff.  As a grassroots candidate, he would greatly appreciate the contribution.