Identifying Fake News

Identifying Fake News · 28. August 2018
Several warning signs can tip you off to a fake Facebook account. Read this blog to learn the warning signs, then grab your magnifying glass, trench coat and sunglasses and get ready to do some intriguing detective work to help save our democracy!
Identifying Fake News · 29. June 2018
We are almost at the point where we no longer trust our trusted news sources. How do we know what is real news and what is fake news? The recently updated Media Bias Chart can help you decide.

Identifying Fake News · 30. May 2018
We are seeing a lot of questionable stories and memes circulating on Facebook. This chart can help you sort out what is real news and what is garbage. Use it before sharing a story to avoid perpetuating fake or misleading information.

Identifying Fake News · 30. May 2018
These days it is difficult to know what sources to trust. Patent Attorney Vanessa Otero developed this nifty chart categorizing various news sources by the quality of the reporting and their political biases.