Larimer County Board of Commissioners

Larimer County has two open seats for the County Board of Commissioners - District 2 and District 3 (see map for District Boundaries). 


Even though the Commissioners represent their Districts, each seat must be won by a county-wide vote.  That means that even though you live in District 1, you get to vote for the Commissioner for Districts 2 and 3.


For many years, Larimer County has been represented by Republicans.  Last year, John Kefalas became the first Democratic Commissioner in a long time.  This year, we have the opportunity to choose from a fantastic slate of Democratic candidates to join Commissioner Kefalas in enacting a progressive County agenda that reflects the values of the people who live here.


Part of the March 7 caucus agenda is to select candidates to be in the June 30 primary.  So get to know the candidates and then caucus for the candidate of your choice!!


District 2 Candidates

Democratic Candidate - Kristin Stephens

Republican Candidates - Bob McClusky

Chart comparing the two candidates.

District 3 Candidates


Democratic Candidate

Republican Candidate