U.S. Senate

Cory Gardner, Colorado's junior senator, is up for re-election in 2020.  Gardner's seat is considered one of the most vulnerable in the country, so this November, we've got an important job to do:  defeat Cory Gardner !  On June 30, Colorado will vote to decide which Democratic Candidate, John Hickenlooper or Andrew Romanoff, will take on Cory Gardner.  Our next senator must be up to the task of representing Colorado. Please get to know the candidates and where they stand on the issues so that on June 30, you can make an informed choice.  And then, let's all get behind the chosen candidate to help flip the Senate to blue!!

John Hickenlooper - A geologist turned brewer and small business owner (Wynkoop Brewing in Denver), John Hickenlooper served two terms as the mayor of Denver (2003-2011) and two terms as the 42nd governor of Colorado (2011-2019).

Andrew Romanoff - Former state representative and two-time Speaker of the House.  Former CEO of Mental Health Colorado.

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