U.S. Senate

Cory Gardner, Colorado's junior senator, is up for re-election in 2020.  Several candidates have already declared for the Democratic primary.  We are starting to get to know the candidates, where they stand on issues and what sets them apart from each other - and we want you to as well so that you can make an informed decision about which candidate you think will best represent Colorado.  

Diana Bray - A first-time candidate and clinical psychologist who wants to focus on addressing climate issues.

Lorena Garcia - Executive Director of the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition.  Previously worked for NAMLO International, Colorado Youth Matter, and Wyofile, among other nonprofits. 


John Hickenlooper - A geologist turned brewer and small business owner (Wynkoop Brewing in Denver), John Hickenlooper served two terms as the mayor of Denver (2003-2011) and two terms as the 42nd governor of Colorado (2011-2019).

 Andrew Romanoff - Former state representative and two-time Speaker of the House.

Stephanie Rose Spaulding - Women’s and ethnic studies professor at University of Colorado Colorado Springs; senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Colorado Springs.

Elizabeth Ferrigno Warren - Founder of Open Door Ministries, a community development 501c3 corporation in downtown Denver to address poverty, addiction and homelessness through social programs, author of  “The Power of Proximity, Moving Beyond Awareness to Action," and adjunct faculty member at Denver Seminary teaching, “Political Advocacy, Doing Justice in the Public Square.”

Trish Zornio - Lecturer at the University of Colorado Denver; former lead researcher and program director at the Stanford Center for Undiagnosed Diseases; former lead coordinator for a Colorado STEM research initiative.  Superior.

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