Colorado Secretary of State

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Jena Griswold (D)




Jena Griswold is a lawyer and small business owner, who has spent her career fighting for justice and fairness.  Jena is running for Secretary of State to ensure that every Coloradan can exercise his or her constitutional right to vote, to increase campaign finance transparency, and to make government easier for Coloradans.


Jena grew up in Estes Park, and started working at 12 years old. Growing up working-class, Jena realized that she wanted to help even the playing field for Coloradans. That’s why, after law school, Jena left her law firm to work to protect Coloradans’ voting rights as part of President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign. During that election, she saw firsthand how the Secretary of State’s policies affect the right to vote.


As Secretary of State, Jena's goals will be to:

  • Ensure that Colorado has the most secure and accessible elections in the nation.
  • Enhance our election's cyber security to withstand attacks from domestic agents and foreign agents like Russia. 
  • Stand up to President Trump, to protect Coloradans’ right to vote and to defend Coloradans’ right to privacy.

Jena plans to build a more transparent government by making it easier to see dark money’s role in our elections and by supporting a law to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns to get on the Colorado ballot. She will also make the Secretary of State’s Office a resource center for new businesses and entrepreneurs.  


Jena knows that voting is the cornerstone of our democracy, and she is committed to ensuring that every eligible Coloradan can vote.  As Secretary of State, Jena will fight to make Colorado a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. 

Wayne Williams (R) - Imcumbent




Wayne Williams is the current Secretary of State.  As Secretary of State, he has fought for election integrity:

  • Helped lead fight against passage of HB13-1303 - a partisan bill that eliminated neighborhood polling places and made it easier for fake "residents" to vote.
  • Fought for men and women who serve in the military to have the practical ability to vote.
  • Consistently testified in favor of requiring photo identification to vote.
  • Advocated for expanding acceptable forms of photo identification to help veterans and Native Americans to vote.
  • After due process, removed illegal registrants from voting rolls.


According to his website, he has been consistently selected by both Democrats and Republicans to leadership positions and his work has been praised by previous opponents, both Democrat and Republican.


Wayne prides himself on a record of running clean and fair elections in multiple counties, sometimes under averse conditions, and establishing polling locations based on voter convenience.  He has also fought for transparent and verifiable elections.


Prior to holding the position of Secretary of State, Wayne was a Certified Elections Registration Administrator (2014), El Paso County Clerk and Recorder (2011 - 2014), El Paso County Commissioner (2003 - 2011) and a small business owner of the Law Officers of Wayne Williams (1998 - 2014).