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Larimer County Treasurer

Rick Bohn (D)


Information below is from the following website: https://bohnforlarimer.com/


Rick Bohn worked for over 20 years in Illinois government and politics, pushing forward reform candidates and progressive agendas.

  • As Legislative Liaison for the Illinois Department of Insurance, he took on big insurance companies and insisted on putting people before profits.
  • On campaigns, he managed budgets, salaries, and was responsible for hiring in fast-paced environments with zero room for error.
  • As Chief of Staff for a reform Chicago alderman, he managed and maintained an annual budget of $1.3 million.

"I know what it's like to insist on and push through honest, responsible budgeting in adverse conditions."


Rick brings these values and beliefs to his campaign:

  • The right of every Coloradan to fair and equal treatment under the law is at stake. Our government loots our public lands and sacrifices our environment to corporate interests rather than protects them. Hard work is no longer a guarantee of access to healthcare, housing, education, or a secure future. Rather than be on the side of small businesses and local economies, our government caters to special-interests and corporations.
  • Every Coloradan is entitled to choose how they live their own life.
  • We need to start planning for our future by investing in our education, infrastructure, and transportation.
  • In a representative democracy, we each have a responsibility to speak up on behalf of our community. Now more than ever, voices for change are critical. 

Irene Josey (R) - incumbent


Information below is from the following website: http://irenejosey.com


"It has been an incredible pleasure working for you as your elected county treasurer. I have appreciated your support and ask for your support and vote again."


Irene Josey says that as Treasurer since 2014, she has

  • Operated within and under  budget every year.
  • Used best practices in tax collection, public funds investing, and customer service.

 As County Treasurer, Irene will continue to:

  • Apply the law to the safe investment of public funds
  • Provide a high level of customer service, under budget, every year
  • Use the advantages of technology, past experience and history
  • Provide transparency, availability, accuracy and fairness
  • Implement enhancements to current systems, including:  treasurer’s deed tracking; bankruptcy tracking; payment & document scanning
  • Provide a high level of customer service to Larimer County taxpayers
  • Return unspent funds to be re-allocated to other County government needs



Larimer County Treasurer’s Office

  • Treasurer, 2015-current
  • Chief Deputy Treasurer, 1988-2014
  • Administrative Staff, 1986-1988 

Colorado County Treasurers’ Association

  • President, 2017-current
  • Committees
    • Legislative
    • Budget
    • Continuing Education
    • Seminar Planning

Community Engagement

  • The Center for Family Outreach, Treasurer
  • Animal House, Volunteer
  • Timberline Church, Member

Promised & Met Prior Campaign Goals

  • Continued safe investments of public funds
  • Upgraded tax collection software
  • Expanded taxpayer customer service


  • Bob Schaffer, Headmaster, Liberty Common High School, Former U.S. Congressman
  • Justin Smith, Larimer County Sheriff
  • Myrna Rodenberger, Larimer County Treasurer, 2003-2014
  • Charles L. Woodward, Larimer County Treasurer, 1983-2002
  • Steve Johnson, Larimer County Commissioner
  • John Lefebvre, Weld County Treasurer