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Larimer County Clerk and Recorder

Overview:  The Larimer County Clerk is responsible for tasks related to elections, filing vital records, or important documents related to a specific county's population, including birth, death and marriage certificates, and vehicle licensing.

Dan Sapienza (D)


Dan Sapienza is running for County Clerk and Recorder to bring his experience and his passion for our communities to keep Larimer County the great place it is, today and in the future.  As Larimer County continues to grow, DAB sees the need for leaders that will not compromise our values, but rather will collaborate with partners across the region.  He says he will will use his years of experience working in federal, state, and local government to bring that kind of leadership to the county.


As Clerk and Recorder, he will:

  • Ensure our elections are fair and secure from threats.
  • Provide the highest levels of customer service.”
  • Advocate for changes at the state and national level to defend our democracy
  • Will collaborate with partners across the region without compromising County values
  • Pursue innovative strategies to secure our elections and increase voter access 

Growing up, he moved around the country and world as an Army brat until he found a home in Larimer County, where he graduated from Fort Collins High School and Colorado State University. A military family upbringing instilled in him the importance of service to others, but it was Fort Collins that showed him the importance of community and neighbors.


Following his graduation from CSU, he managed a small retail store in Fort Collins, learning the challenges, rewards, and responsibilities that can come from business.  He then moved to Washington, DC to attend the George Mason University School of Law and worked at the National Federation of Independent Business, several business and trade consulting firms, and then earned a position in the U.S. Congress as an aide to Representative Betsy Markey.  He writes:  "in serving the Larimer County community from D.C. I truly appreciated how special this community is."


Since returning to Fort Collins, he has dedicated his time to service to this community, through work at the Health District of Northern Larimer County, as a small business owner, and by volunteering with a wide variety of local organizations.

Angela Meyers (R) - Incumbent


Angela Myers has been the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder since being unanimously appointed by the Board of County Commissioners in May 2013 and being elected by the people in November 2014.  She says that she has committed herself to delivering accurate and efficient services, ensuring the integrity of secure and verifiable elections, and providing the attention and respect that citizen customers deserve.


During her tenure:

  • The Recording System was replaced to enhance efficiency and accessibility for all citizens
  • The 2016 Presidential Election ran smoothly for a record number of voters
  • Voter secrecy was enhanced through the use of extraction equipment in the counting process
  • Numerous vehicle licensing innovations to reduce wait times were implemented
  • A culture of innovation became the norm in all areas of the Clerk and Recorder office


In 2014, she received her CERA (Certified Elections/Registration Administrator) certification through The Election Center.  Prior to becoming Clerk, Angela worked at the side of the former Clerk for nearly ten years.


Before working at Larimer County, Angela’s professional experience was diverse. Her professional experience includes small business ownership and working directly with executive managers in various areas of business, from public affairs to engineering.