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Larimer County Assessor



The county assessor determines the values of Larimer County properties for tax purposes.  The current assessor, Steve Miller, is term-limited  — the county assessor can serve three consecutive four-year terms.

Bob Overbeck (D)

Alexis Smith (R)

Bob Overbeck (D)


 Bob Overbeck says:  "the office of Assessor is more than just valuing homes. It’s about ensuring everyone gets a fair shake.  We have to ensure evaluations are done right the first time."


Bob will ensure that property valuations are done right the first time, no one pays more than their fair share, and the office of assessor upholds the level of transparency and accountability that taxpayers deserve.


Bob has served in a leadership capacity on the Fort Collins City Council since April 2013.   Fort Collins has a high performing and award winning government with a bi-annual budget of one billion dollars and 2400 employees.  While Bob was serving on the City Council, it won the Malcom Baldridge Award, a Presidential-level honor, recognizing exemplary practices among organizations and businesses including an unceasing drive for radical innovation, thoughtful leadership, and administrative improvement. 


As City Council member, Bob worked with the Policy Committee of the Colorado Municipal League of Cities on behalf of the City of Fort Collins and is a member of The National League of Cities, where he sits on the National Council for Race, Equity and Leadership.  He is also a member of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Council, which uses objectives-driven, performance-based processes to tackle issues such as transportation and air quality.


Bob has participated on various boards and commissions while serving on the Fort Collins City Council, including as chairman of the Poudre Heritage Alliance.  He is also on the Election Code, Legislative Review, and Council Finance Committees.


Bob comes from a working-class family—his dad was a pipefitter and his mom a nurse. Along with his service on the Fort Collins City Council, he has been a licensed Commodity Trading Advisor since 1983, working with financial and agricultural commodities. In other words--he understands the value of your dollars!


His previous experience includes working with institutional investors as well as memberships on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.


Bob is endorsed by:

  • John Kefalas, State Senator for District 14
  • Jeni Arndt, State Representative for District 53
  • Joann Ginal, State Representative for District 52
  • Jacki Marsh, Loveland Mayor
  • Lisa Poppaw, former Fort Collins Councilwoman
  • Susan Gutowsky, PSD School Board Member

Alexis Smith (R)


Alexis Smith is currently the  Chief Deputy Assessor of Larimer County; she has been in the chief deputy role since appointed by the current Assessor, Steve Miller, in 2010.  Prior to her appointment, Alexis worked in the Assessor’s Office as a Senior Appraiser and an analyst.   Currently, she manages the strategic operations of the Assessor’s Office, including compliance with state-mandated reporting, process deadlines, annual reports, and the appraisal of real and personal property, among other duties.  Alexis works with her staff to discover, list, classify, and value all real and taxable personal property in Larimer County, which includes more than 150,000 residential and highly complex commercial properties, vacant land, agricultural properties and business personal property.


Alexis has over 20 years of real estate experience and technical expertise, including a background in both the private sector and local government.  Prior to joining Larimer County, Alexis worked with a commercial real estate management company in the Cherry Creek area. Soon after moving from Arvada to Loveland, Alexis went to work for a real estate developer active with expertise in water rights acquisition and transfer. While there, she worked with many in our agriculture community and became a licensed real estate broker associate. In 2001 she came to work for the Assessor’s office. She has worked on multiple specialties in the office including conservation easements, vacant land valuation, geographical and statistical analysis, damage assessment team management and process improvement just to name a few.


According to her website, Alexis has:

  • Over 17 years of Assessment Experience
  • Certified General Appraiser License
  • Solid Understanding of Colorado's Complex Property Tax Structure
  • Ability to get property owners the answers and access they need
  • Experience working with home owners, business owners throughout Larimer County
  • A comprehensive understanding of everything from conservation easements to statistics and regression analysis. 

She says: 


"I look forward to serving as your Larimer County assessor. I know the complexity of Colorado property tax law. Northern Colorado has seen incredible growth. I have always encouraged property owners to ask questions and worked hard to make it easy for them to get good answers."