Help activate voters using Hustle!

InvisibleNOCO is partnering with Indivisible National to use all the tools available to get out the vote for the 2018 midterm elections. Hustle is the texting app that Indivisible has chosen. If you are interested in joining in, sign up here.


The Process

After a brief training you will be signed up to join a Slack workspace (where the text banking is coordinated) and will be given a Hustle account. After that, you will join people from all over the country, texting in support of Indivisible endorsed candidates.


What is Text banking?

Text banking is similar to phone banking or canvassing - is a mass communication tactic. By texting, we are getting our message right into the hands of our audience - on their phone.


Through texting, we can:

  • Invite people to attend Indivisible events
  • Identify voters who are supporting our candidates
  • Give people opportunities for advocate for their top issues
  • Get Out The Vote!  

Why Texting?

  • It’s proven to have an impact. Thanks to hundreds of volunteers, our peer-to-peer texting helped secure historic electoral victories in Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania
  • We use Hustle because it helps us get our message out quicker and to more people in less time than it takes with traditional outreach methods, such as phone banking or door to door canvassing.  
  • Hustle is a great tool to use to keep in touch with group members and/or voters you have already established quality relationships with via phone banking or canvassing.