Colorado Senate District 16 Candidates

Tim Neville (R - Incumbent) 



Tim Neville was first elected to the Colorado State Senate in 2011. He grew up in Florida, lost his mother when he was seven years old, began living on his own at seventeen, and moved to Colorado at twenty-one.  He graduated from Regis University in 1984 with a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Economics.  With his wife of 35 years, he raised two sons and managed a small family business in Jefferson County. 


Mr. Neville has served as a board member of Parent Led Reform, an organization committed to improving school choice opportunities. 


As a Colorado State Senator, Tim is the Vice Chair for the Business, Labor and Technology Committee, a member of the Education Committee, Chai of the Finance Committee, and Vice Chair the the Legislative Audit Committee.   His priorities are free enterprise, private property rights, right to work, right to the life of the unborn, traditional family values and the Second Amendment.



  • Abortion: OpEd: Parked "crisis pregnancy van" outside the Capitol.
  • Budget & Economy: Stop robbing from future generations.
  • Civil Rights: Marriage is between one man and one woman only.
  • Education: Abstinence-only instead of comprehensive sex-ed.
  • Energy & Oil: EPA's war on oil, gas and coal kills jobs.
  • Environment: Scale back economy-crushing EPA regulations. 
  • Gun Control: Constitutional Carry bill: no such thing as concealed permit. 
  • Homeland Security: Peace through strength: aid our friends & weaken our enemies.  No warrantless search or seizure. 
  • Immigration:  No discussion of reform until border is completely secured.
  • Principles & Values: There is a war on religious liberty & Christian schools. 
  • War & Peace: Iranian nuke deal betrays our strong ally Israel. 

From VoteSmart:

  • Tim Neville refused to provide positions on issues. 
  • Tim Neville co-sponsored Senate Bill 2016-17, to Authorize the Concealed Carry of a Firearm Without a Permit and Senate Bill 2015-32 authorizing the concealment of a handgun without a permit. 
  • In 2015 Mr. Neville co-sponsored a bill that established Tax credits for Private School Tuition


Tammy Story (D)




Ms. Story and her husband , Mike, moved to Colorado in 1987, where they raised their two children.  Ms. Story grew up in a military family, moving every year until she was 10.  The frequent moves, along with her three brothers, taught her to be adventurous, flexible, and independent.  After graduating from college, she became a speech pathologist and then a cabinet-maker. 


Ms. Story is committed to community advocacy for effective public education.  For 18 years, she has taken on an advisory role to school administrators and school boards.  She was a member and leader with the Jeffco Associations Legislative Forum for four years.  In 2015, she became a Mountain Area Lead in a successful recall campaign of three school board members in the Jeffco Schools.   Her priorities are K-12 education, continuing education, equal pay for equal work, civil rights, the environment, roads, retirement, emergency preparedness, and government efficiency and accountability.