Candidates for Colorado District 15



Incumbent Kevin Lundberg is leaving the State Senate and running for State Treasurer in 2018.  Both candidates for CD15 are new to politics.  See map for the area that Senate District 15 covers. 


Please see our summary of where Rebecca Cranston and Rob Woodward stand on key issues.


Rebecca Cranston (D)




Rebecca Cranston is Colorado native.  She is a healthcare nonprofit leader, foster parent, and enjoys the outdoors.  She was a human trafficking survivor and former homeless child.  She shares a quote on her website from her hero Michelle Obama who said, “Every scar you have reminds you not that you just got hurt, but that you survived.”


Ms. Cranston studied economics at Fort Lewis College and went on to earn an MBA at Georgetown University with the goal of gaining tools to manage complex systems.  She entered the workforce gaining private, public, and education experience as a process and change consultant and then started a nonprofit focused on Foster Care reform and became a foster parent herself.  She became the leader of a healthcare organization dedicated to providing wraparound and mental health services to some of the most forgotten among us, and  conceived and implemented innovative new programming aimed at supporting those impacted by the opioid epidemic in Northern Colorado.


Ms. Cranston is experienced in healing trauma and division.  She understands how to bring a child to a place where (s)he can achieve in school; how to create healthcare policy that is compassionate and cost-effective; how to have an eye for balancing the sometimes-clashing needs of different interests.  She is inspired to create a better world, a stronger economy, and ultimately, a place where fewer people experience the pain of homelessness, economic hardship, and poverty, replacing those struggles with the satisfaction and joy that comes from being a part of a flourishing, compassionate society of free-thinking Coloradans.

Rob Woodward (R)




Rob Woodward grew up in rural Wyoming.  In his senior year at Colorado State University, Rob opened his first restaurant.  Since then, he has launched more than 50 restaurants providing over 450 jobs in the region.


Mr. Woodward has lived, worked and raised a family in Senate District 15 for almost 20 years.  He volunteers and mentors in public schools, coaches sports, and has served on the Loveland Planning Commission.  Rob is a leader of the Legacy Project, a program that teaches principles of the American Founding.  Rob's companies have given over $2 million in food donations and helped local schools, churches and sports teams raise over $500,000 in the past 10 years. Rob has real-world experience with proven success. His priorities are education, roads & bridges, public safety, and water.


Mr. Woodward believes that our nation was founded upon principles of Liberty and Individual Rights, and we established a government to defend these rights.   He says that government at many levels has forgotten its obligation, and we've allowed them to overstep their limits too often.



  • Congressman Ken Buck (CD4)
  • State Senator Kevin Lundberg
  • Honorable Bob Shaffer
  • State Representative Perry Buck
  • State Representative Hugh McKean
  • Larimer County Justin Smith