Colorado Senate District 13

Colorado Senate District 13 is located in Weld County and includes Greeley, Evans, Gilcrest and Fort Lupton.  It extends from just north of Greeley to the northern border of Brighton and covers an area about as wide as Greeley from east to west.

Phil Kelley (D)




Mr. Kelley grew up in an ultra-conservative family and held onto those views until he joined the army, volunteering for Vietnam.  He re-entered the civilian world with much more progressive values.

Now, watching our country spiral out of control, he realized that he could no longer just sit back and let other people do the fighting.  He is running because he had to stand up and be counted with those Americans who want to save this country and move forward for our children and our grandchildren.


Mr. Kelley says:  “It's time we had a working person representing working people.  That's the way the founding fathers wanted it!"


Phil Kelley's pledge to you:

  • I will always stand up and fight for working men and women, for our teachers and our children, against corporations that want to pollute our environment and run-a-way, for the rights of all citizens to access decent healthcare and equal rights. 

John Cooke (R) - Incumbent




Mr. Cooke is the current Senator for Colorado Senate District 13.  He is a former sheriff for Weld County.  His websites lists the following accomplishments as a state senator:

  • Named Legislative “Rookie of the Year” by Law Week Colorado
  • Named “Champion of Economic Freedom” by Americans For Prosperity Colorado
  • Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union
  • Senate Majority Whip
  • Chair of Senate Transportation Committee
  • Vice-Chair of Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Member of Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy
  • Member of Select Senate Committee on Energy
  • Past Chair of Committee on Legal Services
  • Sponsored and passed felony DUI legislation
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to provide services rather than jail for persons in mental health crisis
  • Sponsored legislation to allow military personnel under 21 to apply for a concealed carry permit
  • Sponsored legislation to repeal standard capacity magazine ban
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to improve training for law enforcement
  • Sponsored and passed legislation for grants for law enforcement use of body cameras
  • Sponsored legislation to alleviate the transportation crisis without raising taxes
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to increase the penalty for sexual exploitation of children
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to increase penalties for domestic violence