Colorado House District 63

Colorado House District 63 covers a large portion of Weld County.  It includes the cities of Brighton of Brighton, Dacono, Fort Lupton, Longmont (eastern half) and Northglenn, and the towns of Erie, Firestone, Frederick, Grover, Hudson, Keenesburg, Kersey, Lochbuie, Mead, Nunn, and New Raymer. 


Zip codes in HD 63:

80504, 80513, 80514, 80516, 80520, 80530, 80534, 80542, 80549, 80603, 80610, 80611, 80612, 80615, 80621, 80622, 80624, 80631, 80642, 80643, 80644, 80645, 80648, 80649, 80650, 80651, 80652, 80654, 80729, 80742, 80754

Brandon Bobian (D)




Bobian graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in aerospace engineering, and works as an engineer flying satellites for DigitalGlobe in Longmont. He entered the race to fight for our future.  He says "Our politics have become so divisive and I feel as though people in the middle of the spectrum are being left out of the conversation."


He also wants to help the Democratic party be the party of decency and integrity. He believes we need to continue to stand up against hatred and racism and must continue to be the champions for women’s rights.


Issues of importance to Bobian are: fracking, healthcare, education and infrastructure.


Bobian said he wants to make sure fracking is safe for nearby residents and students, and said he believes Colorado can do more to balance the safety of fracking with its outstanding economic benefits.


Bobian believes we need to make Healthcare more affordable by expanding Medicaid and improving, not eliminating, Obamacare. He says he will fight to make sure everyone in Colorado has access to affordable healthcare - with or without the help from Washington DC.



Bobian wants the state we need to prioritize  K-12 and higher education. He is a proponent of free full-day kindergarten free, making college more affordable and encouraging and de-stigmatizing the trade industries.


Finally, Bobian says that we need to plan ahead for our Colorado future, which includes a projected population increase by about 1 million residences in the next decade. He wants to invest in roads to ensure they don’t become gridlocked like we see in Texas and California,  invest in schools so class sizes can get smaller and ensure that Colorado never has a water shortage.


Lori Saine (R) - Incumbent




Lori Saine is the current representative for House District 63.  She recently gained attention in the press for attempting to carry a loaded 9mm gun through a TSA checkpoint at the Denver Airport.  No charges we pressed.


Saine is a conservative member of the house and belongs to the American Legislative Executive Council (please see our fact sheet on the ALEC agenda and its impact on Colorado).  Her positions on issues reflect her conservative values:

  • Let economy grow: Innovation and job-growth is created through market-based solutions not government bureaucracies. By lowering individual and business taxes, we can put more money back into the pockets of the people.
  • Promote oil, gas and coal: Colorado’s booming energy economy has been halted by burdensome energy rules and regulations. Saine will work to remove those burdens and get employees in the energy industry back to work in Northern Colorado.
  • Ensure water is there: Water is the life-blood in Eastern Colorado. Saine will do everything in my power to ensure we have the water to support our farmers and ranchers.
  • Protect life: Saine is am100% Pro-Life and "will work to protect our God-given right to life for those who don’t have a voice."
  • Second Amendment:  "The Second Amendment secures all of our God given rights as outlined by our Constitution."
  • Limit size, scope of government: Colorado families are tightening their belts so there’s no excuse for our government not to do the same. "As your State Representative, I will work to tackle the tough issues, ridding bureaucrats of control and give control back to its rightful owners."
  • Protect the Constitution: The United States Constitution and the Colorado Constitution are under attack, including the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR) that limits the growth of government.  Saine will continue to work to keep "crony government from chipping away at TABOR."
  • Illegal Immigration: Illegal immigration is just that--ILLEGAL.  Saine will continue to oppose policies that endanger all Americans and advocate for strengthening our borders.