Colorado House District 48 Overview

Colorado House District 48 is in Weld County and includes the towns and cities of:  Pierce, Severance, Ault, Eaton, Windsor, Greeley, Evans, Milliken, Johnstown and Gilcrest.  Its eastern border is County Road 49 and it covers the area to the west almost to I-25.  It's northern border is just south of County Road 98 and its southern border is just south of County Road 32.  It surrounds Colorado House District 50, which borders Greeley to the east and southeast.  See map for details.


Zip Codes in HD 48:

80513, 80524, 80534, 80543, 80546, 80550, 80610, 80615, 80621, 80623, 80631, 80634, 80642, 80645, 80648, 80650, 80651

Colorado House District 48 Candidates

Gbenga Ajiboye (D)


Mr. Aijboye is an immigrant from Nigeria.  Born into a family of 18 children, he was the first in his family to obtain a college degree.  While at the Lagos State University in Nigeria, he held several leadership roles that improved the welfare of other students.  At the same time, he was active in his local church.


After college, Mr. Ajiboye moved to the United States, leaving behind family and friends to seek a better life.  Carrying only two suitcases, he started his American journey in Maryland.  From there he moved to Texas, where he worked as a correctional officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) before proceeding to Prairie View A&M University for graduate studies.


After graduate school, he worked in the oil and gas industry in Lafayette, Louisiana until deciding to pursue another graduate degree in Iowa.  In Iowa, he married his high school sweetheart, Oluwakemi. In addition to being a student and a father with a wife who was also a student, Mr. Ajiboye was the president of a multi-ethnic organization that addressed the educational needs of underprivileged kids in Iowa City.


After graduating, Mr. Ajiboye and his family moved to Johnstown, Colorado, where they have been living for 5 years and attending the Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland.  Mr. Ajiboye and his wife are blessed with 3 children, Amari (7), Amelia (4) and Alexander (2).  


Stephen Humphrey (R) - Incumbent


Mr. Humphrey is an conservative candidate who is supported by "right to life" groups and the NRA.  A military veteran and former police officer, he is currently a state representative and a marriage counselor with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University.


According to his website, “first and foremost Steve Humphrey is a Christian committed to the timeless principles that honor our Creator.  He is convinced that we are all created equal and that such “traditional” principles make for a good life and thriving communities.”


Mr. Humphrey is a member of a local church in Eaton and worships there with his wife, Christine, and teenage son, David.  Mr. Humphrey and Christine have been married for over twenty years and enjoy living in the Town of Eaton.