Colorado Board of Education District 4

Tim Krug (D)


Information below is summarized from Tim Krug's website. 



Tim Krug will fight for safe schools, supporting educators, and providing ALL students in EVERY public school the opportunity to pursue and achieve ambitious goals.


Reform System Failure

  • Colorado's educational system is broken and is not a sustainable model for success. Our current system prioritizes vendors over taxpayers and lobbyists over students. Failed reforms have pitted schools and parents against one another in a "winners and losers" model where the losers are taxpayers, teachers, and families.
  • Since lawmakers forced Betsy DeVos-style reforms on Colorado schools, salaries for teachers have plummeted, administrative costs have skyrocketed, segregation has increased, transparency decreased, and Colorado districts have seen dozens of schools close.

Parents Vs. Politicians

  • More than a decade of false promises and failed education reforms in Colorado have wreaked havoc on students, teachers, and taxpayers. However, dark money continues to flow through special interest groups to politicians willing to sell out Colorado communities to the highest bidder.
  • Tim Krug has consistently called out politicians who take money from dubious sources funded by Betsy DeVos and other profiteers to turn our kids into commodities. A line in the sand has been drawn between local public education defenders and the profit-driven invaders.


  • Tim Krug is a husband, parent, teacher, and retired entrepreneur. 
  • Tim worked as an English Language Teacher in the Japanese public school system before becoming the owner and CEO of a chain of successful English Language Schools. When their son Joseph was diagnosed with autism in 2013, Tim and his wife Yumiko decided to move their family back to the United States to provide their son with the best possible opportunities for success.
  • An Eagle Scout, Tim volunteers in his church and children's school.
  • Tim volunteers one day each week helping dedicated teachers with their enormous workload. While volunteering each week, Tim discusses education with teachers, administrators, and other parents. He serves on volunteer committees and attends numerous forums and seminars to advocate for students and better understand issues facing Colorado schools.

Debora Scheffel (R) - incumbent