Colorado Board of Education

The Colorado State Board of Education (CBE) currently consists of seven elected members who serve without pay.  Colorado's constitution provides that there shall be one State Board member elected from each of the congressional districts.  When the number of congressional districts in the state is an even number, an additional State Board member is elected at large.  This ensures that there will always be an odd number of persons serving on the State Board.

The scope of the CBE includes:

  • Setting statewide curriculum standards
  • Determining qualifications for professional education personnel
  • Establishing standards for accreditation of local school districts and preparation programs for teachers and administrators
  • Developing rules and regulations for the administration of state programs
  • Establishing state accountability and assessment programs
  • Establishing high school graduation requirements
  • Implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and administering Federal assistance programs

This year, two seat are on the ballot:  CBE District 2 and CBE District 4.  


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