IndivisibleNOCO is gearing up for the 2018 Elections.  Our goal is to turn Colorado blue!  Please read our plan and see how you can help. 

Updates on IndivisibleNOCO Election 2018 Efforts

IndivisibleNOCO is putting most of our energy toward the 2018 elections.  We believe that these elections are the best way to change the current trajectory of of our country.  Here are some of our accomplishments since our last general meeting:

  • IndivisibleNOCO worked with other local progressive organizations to organize gubernatorial, attorney general and CD2 forums.
  • Voter registration:  We have conducted two voter registration trainings (watch for another one next week).  We have held several registration events and have more events set up, including one during the lunch hour this Friday (March 30) at Front Range Community College.
  • Get out the vote initiative:  We have analyzed Larimer County voter data and identified our target population (independent and sporadic or infrequent democratic voters).  Our plan is to contact our target population via postcards, phone calls and door-to-door efforts.  It is our understanding that the Democratic party does not initially target these groups.  We know that elections are won or lost on just a few votes, so our goal is to inform and engage these voters.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email us at  Our first "GOTV" effort will be at our April community meeting where will will write postcards informing our target population of the primaries and where they can go to get information on the candidates.