District Attorney  - 8th Judicial District

Judicial District 8 covers Larimer and Jackson Counties.  


The District Attorney::

  • Is the chief public safety officer in the judicial district, overseeing the police and sheriff departments. 
  • Is responsible for prosecuting criminals and setting the policies and culture for the judicial system.
  • Has discretion over who gets charged or not charged, what cases are heard and how they are handled. 

The last time a Democrat ran for this position was in 1992.  This year, a Democrat, who has worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the current DA, has decided to run.  He Get to know Gordon McLaughlin.  You will be as impressed with him as IndivisibleNOCO is - and even more excited to vote for him!

IndivisibleNOCO is excited to endorse Gordon McLaughlin for District Attorney for District 8 (Larimer and Jackson Counties).  In addition to his accomplished background and experience, we are impressed with his socially responsible approach to criminal justice and his commitment to change the traditional culture of the office to serve all members of our community and to increase accountability and transparency in our justice system. Gordon believes that social justice and public safety can and should coexist.  Some of Gordon’s goals include:

  • Community safety and focus on serious crimes, in part by diverting lower-level offenders so that resources can be targeted toward those who most threaten our safety, such as perpetrators of violent crimes, habitual domestic violence, sexual abuse, gun crimes and hate crimes.
  • Alternatives to incarceration, focusing resources on proven methods to reduce recidivism, not needlessly filling our jails. These alternatives include bail reform, diversion programs, and rehabilitative treatment courts.
  • Community engagement, making the District Attorney’s office visible, engaged and active in the community, and especially reaching out to underserved communities including people of color, who make up a disproportionate number of people in the criminal justice system. 

Democratic Candidate:  Gordon McLaughlin

Republican Candidate:  Mitch Murray