Education · 08. July 2018
The Colorado Board of Education (CBE) has a direct impact on the quality of our schools and what kind of education system our public tax dollars will support. One reason you should care about the Colorado State Board of Education (CBE) is that the CBE has authority to release school districts from some state statutes and regulations. In other words, it can grant waivers to charter schools so they do not have to conform to state statutes that govern the operations of public schools. To...
Education · 14. October 2017
Today's conservative education agenda has its roots in the 1950s when the Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal was unconstitutional. The libertarian economist, Milton Friedman, concocted the ideas of school vouchers and private charter schools as a way to perpetuate segregation. We share a brief history of the conservative education agenda and how it has impacted Colorado, and unpack the narrative spun by the right-wing to cloak its true intent.