Archived Newsletters

Archived Newsletters · 28. January 2018
A lot happened since our last newsletter! Read about our plans for 2018 and get involved! This week's newsletter has five calls to action to push the progressive agenda on immigration, education and net neutrality. It only takes a few moments - pick up your phone and make a difference!!
Archived Newsletters · 20. November 2017
It's time to make some noise and let Senator Gardner know that we do NOT appreciate his role in the GOP Tax Scam. Every Tuesday from now until this bill meets the same fate as the GOP wealthcare scam, we are going to rally in front of Senator Gardner’s office. Details and more inside this week's newsletter!
Archived Newsletters · 14. November 2017
Last week was a good week for progressives! Let’s do everything in our power to make sure we continue the trend in 2018 and 2020! Don't miss our meeting on Thursday and don't forget to make a lot of noise about the GOP Tax Scam! Details are in this week's newsletter.
Archived Newsletters · 07. November 2017
The changes to the tax laws proposed by the Republicans impact us all, and hidden in those nitty-gritty, boring details are tax cuts for the wealthy and increases in taxes for the middle class. We need to keep up the opposition and let them know we oppose this tax scam. Plans for action, talking points and more are in this week's newsletter.
Archived Newsletters · 31. October 2017
There is a lot going on as usual. Our focus for the rest of the year will be on tax reform, the budget, DACA and, of course, anything else that pops up - and we know it will. Things are moving with the Mueller investigation. Hopefully, Trump won’t fire Mueller, but if he does, be ready for an impromptu rally/demonstration. Indivisible and Move-On are partnering to mobilize people across the country in the event of an egregious threat to our democracy.
Archived Newsletters · 25. October 2017
Thank you to everyone who came to our potluck and meeting last week. Food was fantastic and the company was even better. Carol Hedges from the Colorado Fiscal Institute was inspiring and provided a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak atmosphere! This week's focus for CTAs is voting and stopping the Trump Tax Scam.