IndivisibleNOCO 2019 Strategic Goals

IndivisibleNOCO is excited about the opportunities that the 2018 election is providing us.  Our strategic goals build on the successes of the past years, draw on the strategies Indivisible National has laid out for laying the groundwork for a progressive agenda while continuing to thwart the current administrations attempts to undermine democracy and civility, and leverage the resources we have at our disposal - namely the power of our members. 


For additional details and actions associated with each objective, please refer to our handout:  IndivisibleNOCO 2019 Strategic Goals.




Strategic Goal 1: 


Create a knowledge foundation for our stakeholders

  • Research issues
  • Educate our stakeholders
  • Provide out stakeholders with tools and resources
  • Share knowledge foundation with other Indivisible groups

Strategic Goal 2: 


Lay foundation for electing a progressive Senator in 2020    

  • Expose Gardner for the conservative he is
  • Tie Gardner to Trump
  • Diminish Gardner's credibility
  • Hold the Republican party accountable
  • Provide opportunities to learn about candidates
  • Bridge factions within the Democratic party

Strategic Goal 3: 


Pressure Bennet to adopt a more progressive agenda    

  • Let Bennet know how IndivisibleNOCO expects him to vote
  • Do not let Bennet get away with making compromises with proponents of bad bills
  • Publicize Bennet's conservative votes
  • Encourage Bennet to use procedural rules to block and slow down the bad elements of the Republican agenda
  • Pressure Bennet to sponsor and co-sponsor progressive bills

Strategic Goal 4: 


Hold Neguse accountable to a progressive agenda    

  • Let Neguse know how IndivisibleNOCO expects him to vote
  • Pressure Neguse to extract concessions on must-pass bills
  • Pressure Neguse to sponsor and co-sponsor progressive bills 

Strategic Goal 5: 


Hold executive branch accountable for its actions    

  • Advocate for a complete, thorough and timely investigation of the executive branch
  • Expose corruption
  • Demand that the results of any investigations are made public
  • Insist that appropriate actions are taken based on the findings of any investigation

Strategic Goal 6: 


Push for progressive priorities at the state level    

  • Define IndivisibleNOCO's state priorities
  • Establish a relationship with our local legislators
  • Hold our members of the General Assembly accountable to us - not lobbyists
  • Collaborate with other groups pushing our priorities

Strategic Goal 7:


Diminish influence of groups like DFER and ALEC    

  • Educate members on DFER and ALEC (and similar groups)
  • Expose DFER and ALEC influences

(DFER = Democrats for Education Reform and ALEC = American Legislative Exchange Council)