IndivisibleNOCO on the Issues

IndivisibleNOCO is a progressive organization.  Read below to learn about our positions on issues that are important to us:  Climate Change, Criminal Justice, Education, Gun Safety, Health Care, Immigration, LGBT Issues, Oil and Gas/Fracking, Public Lands, Taxes, Voting Rights and Women's Reproductive Health.


If we have omitted an issue that is important to you, we would be happy to learn about it, why it is important to you and why you think we should include it on this page.  Please contact us at


The US needs fair, comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes the economic and cultural contribution immigrants and their families make to our country and economy. Individuals who were brought to the US as children by their parents should be allowed to stay in the US and work and attend school and have a path to US citizenship since the US is the only country they know and consider home. Undocumented individuals who serve in the armed forces should be provided a path to US citizenship.

Oil and Gas/Fracking

Colorado must protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents above the financial interest of oil and gas operators and corporations. Oil and gas development must occur in a way that protects the environment and wildlife.  Colorado and federal legislation, regulation and rule-making must recognize local control of oil and gas operations by affected cities and neighborhoods. Oil and gas operators and corporations should be responsible for the cost of cleaning up the external impacts of their operations.  Local communities should not have to bear the cost to their health, well-being, and way of life while corporations profit from large industrial operations in their communities.

Climate Change

Climate change is real and based on validated scientific evidence. Greenhouse gas emissions and other human activities have contributed to global warming, and continue to do so.  Colorado and the United States must act to mitigate global warming by promoting renewable energy and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Public Lands

US and Colorado public lands are owned by all of us and must be protected from the present administration’s attacks that have included shrinking of National Monuments, increased industrial use on these lands, and privatization of operations. Government at the state and federal level must commit to protecting our wild places.

Health Care

Access to adequate and affordable health care is a basic human right. Preventive health care and public health efforts at the national, state and local levels are important contributions to the overall  health of Coloradans. Public health efforts and health care services for low income individuals, the elderly, disabled, and children must be adequately funded. Unless replaced by a health care program providing affordable access to everyone (e.g., Universal Health Care, Medicare for All), the Affordable Care Act including the individual mandate must continue in order to assure health care coverage for as many individuals as possible.

Women's Reproductive Rights

Women have a right to reproductive freedom, including the right to have access to abortion services, the right to choose abortion as a personal decision, and the right to sexual health care services - including contraceptive services free from government and employer meddling.  Adolescents must be provided access to reproductive and sexual health knowledge and services.

Voting Rights

Americans must be assured access to the ballot so all Americans who want to vote can vote. US and Colorado election laws must not impose undue barriers to discourage or restrict Americans from voting. Voter ID laws, restrictions on early voting and voter roll purges can impact Americans’ right to vote. President Trump’s election commission was established with no evidence of widespread voter fraud and and has been disbanded.


Federal tax reform should be a bipartisan effort that does not reward corporations and the top wealthiest 1% at the expense of middle and low income individuals and families and must be fiscally responsible. Colorado’s TABOR and Gallagher amendments restrict adequate funding for a host of services, including school funding, and should be modified or repealed.


Colorado’s public schools must be supported with sensible funding and tax reform. Taxpayer funds must not go to private and religious schools in the form of vouchers or other schemes to degrade resources for public schools and Colorado’s children. Public school teachers are an asset to our educational system and must be honored and compensated for the work they do.

LGBT Issues

LGBTQ individuals must be provided the same rights, freedoms and privileges as the rest of society.

Gun Safety

Strong, sensible gun laws and policies can help decrease the escalating epidemic of gun violence.  Military grade weapons have no place in our society and guns have no place in our schools or college campuses.  Background checks must occur before every gun purchase, including at gun shows.

Criminal Justice

Drug use and homelessness should not be a crime, and jails should not serve as a substitute for mental health or homeless facilities.  We need venues other than the detention system, such as alternative treatment courts, to channel drug addicts, people suffering from mental illness and the homeless into programs that can facilitate their transition to productive and healthy members of our communities.  Detention facilities should not be private; profiting off of jails provides a perverse incentive to keep people incarcerated.