NO on Amendment 74

IndivisibleNOCO is voting NO on Amendment 74.


We are voting NO because this amendment would have a devastating impact on the ability of Colorado's government institutions to govern and could potentially cost the taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars.


Amendment 74, which is modeled after ALEC legislation, is being pushed by the oil and gas industry in response to Proposition 112. The Amendment proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to require the state or a local government to compensate a property owner if a law or regulation reduces the fair market value of his or her property.


The amendment could open up essentially all state and local government regulations to legal threat by individuals or companies who believe they should be making more money from their property. Oil companies with large profits, such as Andarka, would have the means to challenge any regulation that would put distance between their oil rigs and schools, hospitals, and homes. It could guarantee profits to energy companies regardless of where and whether or not they drill. 


It also opens up the possibility that city and state governments, and thus the taxpayers, could be forced to pay property owners for any policies (including zoning laws, minimum wage requirements, safety codes, or noise restrictions) that could potentially impact the value of a property. As a result, city and state governments could be kept from enacting or enforcing any number of laws or ordinances, including those that are aimed at keeping industrial activities from inappropriate locations, that seek to ensure responsible development, and that protect our health, safety, and environment.


IndivisibleNOCO is voting NO on Amendment 74 and we hope you will too. You have the talking points; please spread the word.