Media Bias Chart 2018

The right wing is attacking the media at an unprecedented and alarming level by delegitimizing news organizations and claiming they are biased.  It seems we no longer know what is up and what is down, what is true and what is false.  We are almost at the point where we no longer trust our trusted news sources.  Make no mistake - the ultimate goal is to create so much suspicion and confusion that no one trusts anyone (we will leave the link between sowing confusion and the path to dictatorship to another time).


The chart below can help you distinguish fact from opinion and, sometimes, fiction.  By sticking to news sources in the green box you can rest assured that you are hearing the real deal.  Sure some of the sources lean left or right, but the liberal or conservative slants tend to come out in the editorial pages, not in the selection or reporting of news stories.  Need help interpreting the news?  Stick to the sources in the yellow box - but be aware that there will likely be a liberal or conservative tone to the interpretation.  In fact, reading the conservative interpretations will help you anticipate the GOP talking points.


Every now and then we all need a good dose of liberalism.  It's fun to read the sources in the orange rectangle for just that purpose.  However, if you see a news item sourced by one of the organizations in the orange rectangle, make sure you research its legitimacy it (e.g., on Snopes.com) before quoting the information or sharing the story.



Finally, if you are getting all of your news from the sources in the red rectangle, you may want to consider transitioning to one or more of the more neutral sources.  The sources in the red rectangle provide false stories, omit important news items, and tout opinion as news (and ordinary people as experts).  If you find yourself believing these items, you should be concerned that you might be a bit brainwashed (to the left or to the right).