IndivisibleNOCO's Text to Get Out the Vote is underway!   With the help of Indivisible groups and volunteers throughout the state, IndivisibleNOCO is texting 1.3 million DEM/UAF registered Colorado voters and helping them get their ballots to the ballot boxes.  We troubleshoot registration and voting issues, provide information on where and how to vote and help them find information to make informed choices.  We are also providing information to help people cure rejected ballots.  We have already helped countless people find out where to drop off their ballots and troubleshoot registration and other issues!


Almost 200 people in all 7 Colorado districts are involved in the effort!  Please consider a donation to make sure we reach every voter who needs assistance. Every $25 helps us reach over 3,500 more voters!

Ballots have been mailed!   ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE?

  • YES - Check your registration here - and pledge to vote!
  • NO - You can register online!  And if you will be 18 by November 3, you can register now AND vote in the November election!

IndivisibleNOCO Candidate Endorsements!

  • Larimer County Commissioner:
    • District 2 - Kristin Stephens
    • District 3 - Jody Shadduck McNally
  • District Attorney - Gordon McLaughlin
  • CU Regent (D2) - Callie Rennesin
  • Colorado State House:
    • District 48 - Holly Herson
    • District 49 - Yara Zokaie
    • District 52 - Cathy Kipp
    • District 53 - Jeni Arndt
  • Colorado State Senate:
    • District 14 - Joan Ginal
    • District 23 - Sally Boccella
  • U.S. House of Representatives:
    • CD2 - Joe Neguse
    • CD3 - Diane Mitsch Bush
    • CD4 - Isaac "Ike" McCorkle
  • U.S. Senate - John Hickenlooper
  • U.S. President/Vice President - Joe Biden and Kamala Harris




IndivisibleNOCO Endorsements of the Week!

Isaac "Ike" McCorkle for CD4!  


Colorado deserves better Congressional representation than Ken “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out” Buck, so IndivisibleNOCO is endorsing Ike McCorkle to replace Ken Buck in representing Colorado in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ike has a progressive, yet pragmatic platform and is committed to working on behalf of his diverse constituency in CD-4. An unapologetic environmentalist, he believes scientists who say we need to be concerned about climate change. Ike is a retired U.S. Marine and a Purple Heart recipient and he wants to provide the best quality care to those who have put their lives on the line to defend us. Check out his website and see why IndivisibleNOCO is so impressed with  Isaac "Ike" McCorkle!


"I am a retired Marine and Purple Heart recipient. I am a father of three and not a politician who accepts corporate bribes better known as PAC contributions. I am much more concerned with serving the will and needs of my constituents and the security of my nation than I am in divisive rhetoric and lining the pockets of the rich and powerful."

Yara Zokaie for Colorado House District 49!


Indivisible NOCO is endorsing Yara Zokaie for Colorado House District 49. Yara is an attorney practicing tax law with a statewide clientele and an office in Windsor. She supports a fair tax code that closes corporate loopholes and favors the working class instead of the wealthy.Working with small businesses of all kinds and helping them navigate issues with the IRS and the Colorado Department of Revenue, she has seen firsthand the unfair tax burden on small businesses as opposed to large corporations. During the pandemic, she has been providing pro bono tax advice to small businesses that are suffering from the economic recession.

She is committed to taking care of all of Colorado’s citizens, especially working families and small businesses.  Her priorities are COVID-19 relief, paid family leave, universal pre-K and tax reform.  For more details on this compassionate, intelligent and highly qualified candidate, see IndivisibleNOCO's fact sheet.

Diane Mitsch Bush for CD-3!


IndivisibleNOCO endorses Diane Mitsch Bush to represent Colorado District 3 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  CCongressional District 3 represents an excellent opportunity for the Democrats to increase their majority in the House of Representatives. Incumbent Scott Tipton lost his primary to her opponent, who has no qualifications other than an unwavering loyalty to Trump and a penchant for conspiracy theories. The Democratic candidate, Diane Mitsch Bush, has held office in counties where Democrats are the minority party and has established herself as a practical and pragmatic problem solver. She is ready to fight for real changes to lower health care costs, create good-paying jobs, and protect our public lands. Colorado needs more representatives who will work on solutions to the major challenges facing us. Find out more about Diane Mitsch Bush on IndivisibleNOCO's fact sheet.  Let's help get Diane Mitsch Bush elected!


“I decided to run for Congress because I want to help people in CD 3, and I’ll work with anyone — no matter their political party — to get things done for this district. I’m ready to fight for lower health care costs, good paying jobs, and our public lands in Washington.”

Legislative achievements in the last term

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