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IndivisibleNOCO, with the help of Indivisible Groups and Volunteers across the state, is on course to text 180,000 voters by September 19!   We have been texting 18-34 year old voters and ask them to make sure that their addresses are up-to-date.  Why younger voters?  Voter turnout was at a record high in the June primary, but voters in the 18-34 age group had the lowest turnout of all voters. Younger voters tend to be more mobile than older voters and asking them to check their registration is an opportunity to engage with them - a tactic that has shown to increase voter turnout.


Want to join us in October for our Text to Get Out the Vote Grand Finale?    In our final push before the election, we will text almost 1 million democratic and unaffiliated voters in Colorado.  We will be encouraging them to turn in their. ballots, providing them with information they need to vote, troubleshooting any issues they may have and directing them to information on candidates and ballot issues. 


Contact us at and we will add you to our list of amazing IndivisibleNOCO voters!  If you don't have time to text, consider a donation to help us reach more voters (click the "Contribute and Help!" button to the right).  Every $25 helps us reach 3,500 more voters!

Featured Candidate of the Week - Kristin Stephens  - Candidate for Larimer County Commissioner District 2

IndivisibleNOCO cannot wait to cast our votes for Kristin Stephens for Larimer County Commissioner, District 2.  Larimer County has more Democrats than Republicans and it is high time we had a County Commissioner who represents the interests of the people living in our county!


The County Commission is responsible for subjects that have a tremendous impact on our every day lives.  Commissioners are in charge of functions such as planning, zoning, sanitation and solid waste collection, transportation and mass transit, communications, water rights, and oil and gas regulations.  After providing assistance and relief to individuals and businesses impacted by COVID, Kristin's priorities have to do with quality of life issues in Larimer County, including creating a safe and healthy environment in which to live, work and play.  As County Commissioner, Kristin will strive to:

  • Make sure that no one in our community suffers from food insecurity
  • Make Larimer County a leader in Climate Action and Resiliency efforts and work with local municipal leaders on developing robust Climate Action plans (see Fort Collins' plan for an example)
  • Preserve Larimer County's open space and look for new opportunities to secure land
  • Work on improving air quality and protecting our watersheds
  • Provide more multi-use trails and make current trails safer
  • Protect the quality of life and environmental health as stated in the County's Comprehensive Plan
  • Support businesses through the County's Economic and Workforce Development, and work with the school district and higher education so that businesses have access to skilled employees
  • Address current and future transportation needs
  • Strengthen transit options between communities and rural areas
  • Develop internet infrastructure and connect rural communities to the County's fiber network

The most important job of a County Commissioner is to communicate with and represent all of her constituents, including those who did not vote for her.  As a Fort Collins City Councilor and current Mayor Pro Tempore, Kristin has shown that she is able to take into consideration all aspects of an issue and make a decision in the best interest of her constituents without compromising her values.  Kristin wants to hear from you.  Get to know Kristin by attending one of her almost daily events, which you can find by following her on Facebook.   You will discover an experienced, capable, caring and compassionate candidate.  Or read IndivisibleNOCO's Fact Sheet on Kristin and see why we are excited about a Larimer County Commissioner who understands what it takes to lead a County.  

Legislative achievements in the last term

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What is IndivisibleNOCO?

We are an activist group that emerged after the November 2016 election.  Our mission is to further a progressive agenda and turn Colorado into a solidly blue state by:

  • Empowering constituents to hold their elected officials accountable
  • Ensuring an informed citizenry; and 
  • Electing progressive candidates to officers at all levels.

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