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IndivisibleNOCO is thrilled to endorse Andrew Romanoff for U.S. Senate!

ndivisibleNOCO is proud and excited to endorse former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Andrew Romanoff in the June 30 primary election for Senator.  Andrew has articulated a clear, bold vision to advance the United States toward being a country that provides opportunity for everyone.  If ever there was a time when the people living in our country needed an advocate to take on corporations and industries that put profits ahead of the well-being of the public.  Andrew Romanoff is not timid about fighting for progressive ideals. He answers questions directly and provides well-thought-out responses.  He acknowledges his past mistakes.  We appreciate this fresh approach to politics in Colorado.


In November, we must protect our gains and retake the reins of power in the Senate and the Presidency.  Colorado has an opportunity to play a key role in taking back the Senate by unseating Cory Gardner. Anti-Trump sentiments are high in Colorado and Cory Gardner is tied at the hip to the President.  To be clear, IndivisibleNOCO will support whomever becomes the Democratic candidate running against Cory Gardner in the general election.  IndivisibleNOCO, however, stands for more than just “anti-Trumpism.”  We stand for progressive values and policies and we want someone who will rise up for these progressive ideals and fight for Colorado constituents.  For this reason, after much research and careful deliberation, IndivisibleNOCO is endorsing Andrew Romanoff for US Senate in the June 30 primary election.  His message and energy match the circumstances and challenges facing our nation today.


Read our full statement on why we are endorsing Andrew Romanoff.


What does this endorsement mean for IndivisibleNOCO?


An endorsement is more than a statement; it is a commitment to action.  IndivisibleNOCO is committed to recruiting resources for Romanoff's campaign and actively promoting his name and platform.  Here are tangible actions that you can take to help Andrew Romanoff win the primary:

What is IndivisibleNOCO?

We are an activist group that emerged after the November 2016 election.  Our mission is to further a progressive agenda and turn Colorado into a solidly blue state by:

  • Empowering constituents to hold their elected officials accountable
  • Ensuring an informed citizenry; and 
  • Electing progressive candidates to officers at all levels.

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