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Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and donors, IndivisibleNOCO was able to:

  • Mail postcards to 7,500 registered Democrats in SD16 who voted in 2016, but not in the primary elections
  • Text over 21,000 Larimer County Dems who voted in 2016 but not in 2017

We interacted with over 2,000 people and helped them with questions they had about voting and turning in their ballots!    We put some of our favorite and funniest interactions in the slideshow below (click on the arrows to enlarge and read):

We also fulfilled our mission!

Our research team worked hard to gather information on candidates, research ballot issues, and be prepared with talking points.  We then used social media to get our messages out and frame the issues the way we wanted them to be framed - for example, when people said that Prop 112 would kill jobs, we reframed the discussion to talk about health and safety. 


As a result, we reached hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  We gave them the words and tools to talk to and persuade other people, and we also gave them the knowledge they needed to participate in the elections and know that they were voting in their best interests.  Scienta potentia est!! 

Write a letter to a newspaper

Letters to Editors are great because:

  1. You reach a wide audience, which means
  2. Your MoC takes notice
  3. You get to present your talking points without an immediate rebuttal
  4. Your friends can share your letter, reaching an even wider audience, which means
  5. Your MoC takes notice
  6. IndivisibleNOCO can tweet your letter, reaching an even wider audience, which means
  7. Your MoC takes notice

Where and how to submit letters to Colorado newspapers

But there's more to do!

Check out this document for ways to help out in the last days leading up to Election day.  We will update it as we find out more ways to help out, so check back often.

Want to Know How IndivisibleNOCO is Voting?

Download this handy guide to how IndivisibleNOCO is voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections.  Please let us know if you have any information on measures or races that are not listed on our guide.  And for more detailed information, visit our Election 2018 pages and read our blogs on the ballot measures.

Help us get out information

An informed citizenry is an engaged citizenry!  Help us research candidates, election issues, legislative matters, hot topics and more.  We can assign a subject, or you can pick on that interests you.  Contact us to find out how to help.

Write a letter to your MOC

Letters to MoCs are great because:

  1. You have time to formulate your thoughts without feeling the pressure of doing it while talking to a person on the phone
  2. Your position on an issue is documented
  3. A staffer has to take time to respond to your letter
  4. The response to your letter gives you intel on your MoC's talking points for future reference

How to pose good questions to politicians


Tips for writing good letters to your MoC