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It’s time again for texting!  IndivisibleNOCO is coordinating two more state-wide texting campaigns before the election.  Our next campaign will start September 12. We will reach out to younger voters and ask them to make sure that their addresses are up-to-date.  Why younger voters?  Voter turnout was at a record high in the June primary, but voters in the 18-34 age group had the lowest turnout of all voters. Younger voters tend to be more mobile than older voters and asking them to check their registration is an opportunity to engage with them - a tactic that has shown to increase voter turnout.


What do we need?  Volunteers to help text! You don’t use your own phone number, it’s super easy and it has a big impact. If you haven’t done text banking with us before, we will train you and then you will also be ready to help out with our grand finale - the state-wide get-out-the-vote push in October!   Contact us at and we will add you to our list of amazing IndivisibleNOCO voters!  If you don't have time to text, consider a donation to help us reach more voters (click the "Contribute and Help!" button to the right).  

Featured Candidate of the Week:  Joe Biden

Joe Biden 2020! 

The IndivisibileNOCO team members are enthusiastic supporters of Joe Biden for President. We are thrilled that his platform has become the most progressive Democratic platform since FDR.  He has a $2 trillion climate action plan, will protect dreamers and their families, supports police reform, and will expand student loan forgiveness and tuition-free college.  And of course, his first priority will be to address the COVID crisis and restore the economy.  Keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds and help us get the word out.  Have friends who aren't enthusiastic about voting in November?   Our video on why voting is like choosing a pizza restaurant with your friends will help.

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What is IndivisibleNOCO?

We are an activist group that emerged after the November 2016 election.  Our mission is to further a progressive agenda and turn Colorado into a solidly blue state by:

  • Empowering constituents to hold their elected officials accountable
  • Ensuring an informed citizenry; and 
  • Electing progressive candidates to officers at all levels.

To learn more about Indivisible - read the Indivisible Guides and then come to our next meeting!

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