Get Involved and Make a Difference!

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Help us get out the vote!

We are sending postcards to encourage participation and welcome help!

  • Come to one of our postcard writing events
  • Help us put the postcards into bundles to give to writers
  • Pick up some postcards to write at home
  • Help us with stamps!!  Donate on this page or bring stamps to an event

Write a letter to a newspaper

Letters to Editors are great because:

  1. You reach a wide audience, which means
  2. Your MoC takes notice
  3. You get to present your talking points without an immediate rebuttal
  4. Your friends can share your letter, reaching an even wider audience, which means
  5. Your MoC takes notice
  6. IndivisibleNOCO can tweet your letter, reaching an even wider audience, which means
  7. Your MoC takes notice

Where and how to submit letters to Colorado newspapers

Help us register voters

IndivisibleNOCO is going to Farmers' Markets, festivals and other Northern Colorado events and registering voters.  We are always looking for more people to help us cover shifts at these events.


Attend our next community meeting

Stay tuned for information about our next community meeting!

Write a letter to your MOC

Letters to MoCs are great because:

  1. You have time to formulate your thoughts without feeling the pressure of doing it while talking to a person on the phone
  2. Your position on an issue is documented
  3. A staffer has to take time to respond to your letter
  4. The response to your letter gives you intel on your MoC's talking points for future reference

How to pose good questions to politicians

Tips for writing good letters to your MoC